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READ THIS! (Adventure Worlds)

You ask, we help!

READ THIS! (Adventure Worlds)

Postby HP-Bot » 23 Apr 2011, 01:44

Please read the Getting Started.. thread before.

All adventure worlds are registered here.

Introducing Adventure Worlds!

I have noticed that there are adventure worlds. :)
Aione told me about a world. We tried it online and it was working fine.
I think that could be fun! We can use all our server plugins to make great adventures.
The server is multiworld compatible since the nether is a public loaded world.

This is the place where we create, build and discuss about our adventures.
Each adventure world has it's own topic. Feel free to reply to a topic to tell us your opinion.
Please use the World Members Worlds topic, for offline adventures or member worlds.

The best way to learn about adventure worlds, is to just join one or check this board:
Search for adventure or something to find the worlds you want to try.
To visit a adventure world on our server, you have to go to the CS and look around. ;)
There is a secret warp room from where you can get to all adventure worlds.

So far there is no adventure which is ready to play!
I bet the builders would be very happy if you help them with anything they need. (Blocks, Items)
Also you can be a builder in adventure worlds. But first see the conditions and rules.

  • Nobody is allowed to create a new adventure! :D
  • Be a World Member to help with maps.
  • Be a resident of a town.
  • Be accepted by the adventure owner.
  • Accept the adventure rules.

  • Obey the RULES. (except for rule 3.)
  • Do not get materials from the adventure world.
  • Keep the terrain and buildings real. (or what your adventure allows)
  • Place signs to guide the player.
  • Make a 'spawn area'. (map rules on signs, optional backport)

Supporting Techniques:
  • Zones (permissions to enter/build/destroy)
  • WarpGates
  • Mob Spawners
  • something

Missing Subject:
any ideas?
World Operator!
World Operator!
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