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READ THIS! (Nation/Town)

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READ THIS! (Nation/Town)

Postby HP-Bot » 23 Dec 2010, 20:34

Please read the Getting Started.. thread before.

All nations and towns of our world are registered here.


Our Nation/Town-System:
We have many towns in different nations. Each nation has an emperor and each town
has it's mayor and/or vice mayor. The mayors are allowed to accept new residents in their town topics.
New residents have to be World Member and reply to the town topic to be accepted.
The mayors have to keep the town topic up to date to keep the overview.
Mayors also have commands to control the town. (See the RANKS topic.)
A king has two or more towns including mayors in his kingdom.

  • King
    - is able to manage towns.
  • Mayor, Vice Mayor
    - is able to add and remove town permissions.
    - (maximum of two players)
  • Assistants
    - are friends from other towns.
    - (maximum of three players)
  • Residents

Join a Town:
Feel free to reply to any town thread you like.
You can be a resident in one town only!
You have to stay in that town for at least three weeks.
Ask for a place to build your home or if there is a free working place.
Also accept the town rules and obey the mayor or lord.
It takes a while to be accepted because we have to add permissions.
Please don't be annoying to the mayor or the OPs/Masters to add you. No rush!

Create a Town:
To start a new town, you have to create a topic at the Settler board.
Settlers - please READ THIS! before.

Manage your Town:
Kings, Mayors or Vice Mayors who moderate a town topic in our Nations/Towns board,
have to keep their topics up to date. They manage permissions in the main town post.
Additional information: READ THIS! (Town Managment)

Become a Kingdom:
You are a lord of a town with more than 10 residents?
Then you may, in consultation with the emperor, create your own kingdom!
Split your town in two zones or get a new town zone, and put them inside the new kingdom.
Talk to your emperor to get information about the rules and conditions.
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