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READ THIS! (Town Managment)

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READ THIS! (Town Managment)

Postby HP-Bot » 19 Jun 2011, 12:44

Please read the Getting Started.. thread before.

All nations and towns of our world are registered here.


Town Managment:
Offical town topics have a bbcode tag which is called [botinfo].
This is needed to keep the overview for build/destroy permissions and zone ownerships.
Our friendly HP-Bot will read that info and set permissions for valid members.
Also there is a way to update permissions in the game. Please see the EpicZones post.

Nation/Town Permissions:
Residents will be added as nation member and town member (sub group/rank).
Players can protect doors, levers or buttons for town or nation members.
You can easy get those town names by clicking 'quote' on the main town post.
The botinfo shows a line like '- ident: <hpcapital>'.
Town Protection Example: /cprivate g:town_hpcapital
Valid nation groups: hpnation, nanation, mtsnation

  • King
    - is able to manage towns.
  • Mayor, Vice Mayor
    - is able to add and remove town permissions.
    - (maximum of two players)
  • Assistants
    - are friends from other towns.
    - (maximum of three players)
  • Residents

If you don't update the [botinfo], your residents may not be added to nation zones such as the CS market!
If your town topic misses the [botinfo], your residents may not have permissions to build/destroy any longer!

Place in-game nicknames inside < and > and seperate by comma or line-break.
Put new nicknames to the end of a list. Keep the hierarchy by join date.
  • notice: <text> (notice/message from the HP-Bot)
  • ident: <name> (group name; in-game zone edit)
  • autoupdate: <yes|no> (update the in-game owner/permissions automaticly)
  • updatetopic: <yes|no> (update the town topic king/mayor/assistant/resident lists automaticly)
  • king: <theking> (KINGDOM OWNER)
  • mayor: <mayor,vicemayor> (max. 2; TOWN OWNER)
  • assistants: <assistant1,assistant2> (max. 3; build/destroy permissions)
  • residents: <resident1,resident2,resident3> (build/destroy permissions)
  • banned: <banned1,banned2> (deny moving into the town zone)
Code: Select all
- ident: <none>
- autoupdate: <yes>
- updatetopic: <no>
- king: <>
- mayor: <>
- assistants: <>
- residents: <>
- banned: <>
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