Getting Started..

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Getting Started..

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Welcome to HP-Minecraft!

About Us:
We are just a small and nice community with lots of happy players! :-)
Most of us are not willing to kill others. It's more a roleplay server.

Joining Our Server:
You spawn in a huge area including a tutorial village, a market and a gate room.
Use a gate to enter the guest world or as a member to enter the CS (Central Station).
Feel free to make your home there. Please do not destroy anything and respect other players!
You should read the RULES before you start building.


Our Main World:
We have many towns on our main world. The biggest are linked with
a minecart track. It's very easy to travel.. and FUN!
For those who are too lazy to walk or drive, can use warp gates from the Central-Station.
Guests cannot build in official towns. You have to become a World Member, and
you have to become a resident of the town you want to live in.

Create a new town by reading our Nation/Town Board.
You may just want to join a town - reply to a town topic.
We have many commands for different RANKS.
Also we have many Plugins running.

Other Worlds:
There are many other worlds beside the main world.
The 'Free Materials' world, where you can get the blocks you need to build on the main world.
The Nether! Global WarpGate to it. (Because we don't want to mess our world with nether gates.)
The FreeBuild world, where trusted members are allowed to build their projects.
Then we have various adventure worlds. Have an overview in the Projects > Adventure Worlds board.
The Guest World is free for all! :D

You know about our world, like our World Members/Towns and
accepted the rules? Then you are allowed to ask for a membership!
Create an account to access the SIGN IN board.
Read the instructions in the README FIRST post!
We will ignore any question about content we wrote down here,
and we do not tolerate people who cannot follow our instructions!

Take a look at our Google Map Overview.

HELP Topics:
READ THIS! (Settler)
READ THIS! (Nation/Town)
READ THIS! (Town Managment)
READ THIS! (Adventure Worlds)

World Members are helping:
- How to become a member Board Thread made by kyborek
- Youtube Video made by Lenniguti7

HP-Minecraft Episode 1: How to SIGN UP

HP-Minecraft Server

Old Introduction:
How to join and play HP-Minecraft Server